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Consumers bought a fan lights After opening the package, according to the inside or the Internet to find instructions say to install the video, according to the requirements of the specification or video fan lights installed correctly.
Some customers may worry that the general feeling of insecurity ceiling fan lights installed, there is this doubt is normal, because the initial contact with the new product, there is this fear is understandable.
There are such doubts because we do not have enough theoretical knowledge of fan lights, there are certain mechanics consumer base and fan lights can better understand the basics of the estimate. We open the package after fan lights, fans can see the light into the suspension system, the closure part, motors, blades and leaf fork, wire section, lighting part, etc., under normal circumstances, the instructions said to be able to properly install good ceiling fan light. At the same time, I have summarized some considerations of ceiling fan lights installed, customers want to help, I wish you a happy shopping.


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